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B/D/H/K Magnetic Drain Plug - Manual Transmission Only

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B/D/H/K Magnetic Drain Plug - Manual Transmission Only

Increase your engine's lifespan with the INFINITUDE Magnetic Drain Plugs. By removing metal shavings from your oil, this will prevent premature damage and increase the life of your engine & transmission. You will notice a smoother running engine & transmission, and significantly cleaner oil between changes.

Do not let your next oil change go by without installing our Magnetic Drain Plugs. Our plugs replaces your stock OEM drain plug with hassle free installation. Don't rely on your oil filter to catch damaging particles in your oil - Your oil filter alone cannot save your engine from metal shavings.

Our Magnetic Drain Plugs come with a crush proof aluminum washer to stop leaks and utilises a neo-dymium magnet which will not rust. Beware of other cheap plugs on the market with a weak magnet.